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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a website cost?
Perhaps the most common question, and also a question with no direct answer. The costs highly depend on your wishes (functionalities, style, number of pages, etc.), the budget, and with what / how the website will be built. To get a good idea of the costs, you can request an estimate of the cost (without engagement)!

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How long does it take for the website to be finished?
Also to this question, the answer depends on the project itself. But to give you an idea; for a standard company website (5 pages), built with WordPress, and with a design provided by you, it takes on average 2 - 5 weeks for it to go live.
What kind of website do I need?
If you are going to use your website to share a lot of content, for example with a weekly blog, then it is recommended to use a Content Management System (CMS). The best known CMS is WordPress, but there are other solutions as well. However, if you are going for a company website, where the information does not change that frequently, then you may want to opt for a custom website. These are a little harder to manage yourself, but are a lot faster than, say, WordPress. I would be happy to discuss all pros and cons with you, so we can immediately see what kind of website suits your business best!

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Do you maintain my website as well?
That is possible! I offer several options, for example I can put new articles (provided by you) online, carry out updates and / or print out monthly Google Analytics reports. Contact me to discuss the possibilities.
How is the payment process?
If you agree with the estimate then I ask for a 50% deposit before I start working on the project. The other half you will pay when you are satisfied and the website is up and running. It is also possible to pay in terms, please contact me for this. Payments can be made by bank transfer, PayPal or Wise.
Will my website work on any device (smartphone, tablet en desktop)?
Yes! One of the most important parts of building your website is its usability, and adapting it for any device plays a big part in that! Your website will be usable on the smartphone, tablet and desktop.
Who takes care of the content for my website?
You will provide the content of the website - text, images, videos, etc. If you want to use dummy text and stock photos provided by me, then that is also possible. But I recommend you to use the content that is actually used on the website. This gives a better picture of your website.
Will you design my website as well?
That's possible! Besides building the website, I can also help you with the design. For this, we can make it however you want. We can start with a standard template or we can design it from scratch. Please contact me about the possibilities.
Do you only build websites for sustainable businesses?
My goal is to help sustainable businesses grow, and with that, a sustainable business will always have priority (in addition, sustainable businesses always get a discount!). But if your business doesn't have a direct link to sustainability, I might still help you. This contributes to a better world because, for every project I do, I dedicate a portion of the revenue to a good cause, such as planting trees! As long as your business doesn't have a negative impact on the world, then unfortunately I have to disappoint you ;)

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